What is an escape room?

An escape room is a real-life adventure game where you find clues, solve puzzles and use teamwork to escape within the time limit.

How long does the experience last?


The experience is designed to last 60 minutes, though some groups may finish slightly faster. 

What is the maximum group size?

Group sizes are limited to 6 people to maximize participation and enjoyment.

Do I need to share with strangers?

No, every booking is private regardless of size, so a two-person booking will just be the two of you.

What happens if I can't solve a puzzle?

As well as clues scattered around the room, additional hints will be provided to help you if you get stuck.

Is it suitable for children?


Yes, children from 8 and above can enjoy the experience (with adult supervision).

Is there a family discount?

Yes, children (under 16) are just ¥1000 each when accompanied by two adults.

Do I need to know any Japanese?

No, the experience is tailor-made for English speakers, so no knowledge of Japanese is required.

Is there wheelchair access?

Unfortunately due to the nature of some of the puzzles, we do not have wheelchair access.

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